A Democratic, Peaceful and Prosperous nation. Economically strong and politically stable with a thriving democracy with good governance structures.

  • Modern and attractive to live in, work and enjoy life
  • Offers good quality of life
  • A place to raise children and enjoy an excellent work-life balance
  • Friendly, welcoming and accommodating people
  • A Democratic, Peaceful and Prosperous nation
  • A safe and secure place to live, visit, invest and work
  • Economically strong and politically stable
  • A thriving democracy with good governance structures


Botswana is a cosmopolitan, multi-ethnic country that offers a good quality of life. The country continues to develop rapidly and has become a destination of choice to live and work in.

While most of the elderly reside in rural areas, most youth reside in urban and peri-urban centres. The capital city Gaborone is the economic hub of the country boasting a vibrant and inclusive atmosphere.

Gaborone is a truly buzzing metropolitan. The development of high rise buildings and malls has also come with the opening of some of the global franchise spots. One such place within the Central Business District where young professionals congregate after a hectic day of corporate slaving for sundowners and letting their hair down is Italian themed restaurant Capello. For a wider view of the city while enjoying some urban music, the Sky Lounge also within the CBD stands as the highest hangout spot in the country overlooking Gaborone. For the less fancy yet modern vibe with a touch of cultural flavour - Botswana Craft is a popular spot. It provides the best of local cuisine coupled with a good atmosphere that combines people with culture.

Weekends are increasingly being characterised by social gatherings apart from the traditional weddings and birthday parties. Of late Sunday sessions have become popular in Gaborone. City dwellers converge on picnic like event to enjoy the remnants of the weekend while watching the beautiful Kgalagadi sunset. Jam for Brunch, Chillstep Sundays, Pop Up Markets, Farmers Market etc. are such popular youth hip hangouts.


Son of The Soil


Jam for Brunch


My Maun Experience


Unwinding at the Golf Course



For those who love the outdoors, there are other interesting places to visit, amongst them the Gaborone Game Reserve and Mokolodi Nature Reserve. For a taste of Botswana culture, one can visit the Bahurutse Cultural Village on the outskirts of Gaborone.

Francistown is the 2nd city in the North-Eastern part of the country. The city is surrounded by mining activity, most notably the Tati Nickel Mine and Phoenix Mine. Francistown's economy has off late been boosted by the resuscitation of gold mining. On the tourist front, the city offers historical and cultural tourism, bird watching, arts and crafts amongst others.

Maun is the administrative centre of Ngamiland District and is regarded as the gateway to the Okavango Delta. Ngamiland District comprises a fascinating variety of ethnic groups: the Hambukushu, Basubiya and Bayei, Banoka, Baherero and Bakgalagadi. Maun is a popular tourist hostpost for locals and international visitors, offering wildlife and tourism tours, Safaris, hiking, camping and river rafting.

Kasane is located in the north-eastern part of Botswana, near the borders with Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe. It is the gateway to the Chobe National Park, which is known the world over for its herds of elephants. It is a tourism hub and a popular spot for international tourists. Other interesting places to visit are the snake park and the crocodile farm.

Culturally; Botswana is rooted on a strong cultural base that guides interactions between Batswana and with the rest of the world. Although there are different tribes, there is a common thread that unifies Batswana.


Traditional Dance


Women In Traditional Regalia


Traditional Hand woven Baskets - Ditlatlana


Kgotla Setting



Botswana's rich culture and heritage continuously amazes not only Batswana but the world at large. Botswana's distinct culture comprise of numerous traditions that are hinged on principles of mutual respect (Botho) and humility and the Kgotla system; which encourages open dialogue and consultation. A system that has emerged as a result of these principles has created a closely knit, homogenous nation comprising of a people that lives harmoniously. The inimitable traditions found in Botswana make this country possess a uniquely rich culture made of various rituals, norms, values, myths and beliefs. Although there are various tribes that have diverse value systems, they have exchanged traditional practices through inter-marriages, arts and crafts, trade, religion and educational systems to keep Batswana amalgamated.

Citizens of Botswana are known as Batswana and are renowned the world over for their meat, specifically beef. Pounded meat, called Seswaaa is a delicacy. Seswaa (pounded meat), maize meal and Morogo (a leafy green vegetable) form the staple diet for Batswana. Other important cultural elements that can be associated with Batswana are; Bogadi (bride price), Chieftainship and traditional/spiritual healers. Batswana are agriculturalists who treasure sheep, goats, horses and cattle. These are not only sources of food, clothing and trade; they are an indication of prominence in society. Tribal leaders charged with overseeing the community affairs and are known as Dikgosi (Chief), and are highly respected by community members. Botswana's wealth does not only comprise of nature's finest resources; its prosperity resides with the inner beauty that resides in the union of its people.

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