Botswana offers a conducive, attractive, safe and secure destination for investment. Botswana offers the following:

  • Good sovereign credit ratings
  • Lowest corporate tax rate in the region (15% for manufacturing /financial services, 22% for all other activities)
  • Maximum personal income tax rate of 25%
  • No foreign exchange controls
  • Duty free importation of machinery used in production
  • Duty free importation of raw materials used in exportable products
  • Several double taxation agreements
  • Enterprise can be 100% foreign owned
  • Good industrial relations
  • Trainable workforce and high adult literacy rate


Grounded on stability and rule of law, Botswana remains a destination of choice for Investment. Located centrally in the heart of Southern Africa, Botswana is a stable upper-middle income country that is open for business and trade. Botswana offers a stable, safe and secure investor friendly environment.

Investment Climate in Botswana - Botswana remains one of the countries in Africa that can proudly pronounce itself as truly a destination of choice for investment, leisure and work. Botswana is centrally located in Southern Africa presenting an opportunity for expansion and exporting to the wider Southern African region, which provides an even bigger market. Botswana always ranks highly and positively in most recognised international rankings. Botswana consistently ranks among the best governed, most transparent, most peaceful and least corrupt countries of Africa.

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Over the years, Botswana's exports have contributed immensely to Botswana economy and development. Revenues from Botswana's biggest export - Diamonds, have developed Botswana. Botswana is the world's largest producer of quality gem diamonds which account for about 70% of exports by value. Other than Diamonds, Botswana's other main exports include copper, nickel, soda ash, beef and textiles.

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Soda Ash

Beef Export

Beef Export

The biggest and most highly ranked producer of beef in Africa.

Botswana's Diamonds


Botswana is the world's largest producer of quality gem diamonds.


Botswana prides herself on good, working governance structures. Botswana is a model democracy that has been nurtured over the years since independence. Botswana is a multi-party democracy and general elections are held every 5 years to elect a Government. Botswana's government is made up of the Legislature, Judiciary and Executive.

Botswana consistently ranks highly in most international rankings i.e. Governance, Peace, least corrupt, most transparent etc. Former President Festus Mogae has been bestowed the prestigious Mo Ibrahim Prize for Achievement in African Leadership in 2008.

Botswana is host of the Southern African Development Community SADC Headquarters.

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The Parliament of Botswana consists of the President and the National Assembly.


The Parliament of Botswana consists of the President and the National Assembly.


The Industrial Court is a Court of law and equity, which exist to provide a professional, efficient, effective and just service in the settlement of trade disputes.

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